How to Clean a Polyester Shaggy Rug? (Easiest 3 Step Process)

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Uses of Shag Rug in Our Daily Life

Shaggy rug is one of the latest designs in the market. These rugs are used in most of the houses to give a shaggy look. These rugs are mostly used in drawing rooms and bedrooms but these are also used in offices and lavatories. These are the best interior design stuff that is used in most of the houses.

These days, people use rugs in different rooms of their houses to decorate their house. They use different colors and designs to match the style of their house. These rugs have the capability to make the house look beautiful. They help in keeping the floor warm and warm.

These shaggy rugs are easy to clean. Mostly these are made of polyester and other materials. These rugs are used in almost every room.

Before buying the rug you always see the reviews of the user. You also see the quality of the material used to make the rug. These rugs are designed in such a way that they are attractive. You can check the price of the rug before you buy it.

Few Basic Information Need to Know About Shag Rug

A shaggy rug is the kind of rug that is made up of synthetic fiber/fibres. Its fibers create a knotted and curved pattern, which looks a little bit like a mop. The rug is highly popular as it is durable and relatively easy to maintain, despite its very fluffy and thick pile.

There are also shaggy rugs which are made of natural fibers like cotton or wool.

Shaggy rugs are great for any rooms in the house, including the bedroom, living room, halls, and bedrooms. They are not recommended for high traffic areas.

A shaggy rug is reversible, so you can choose the side you like best, or share the task of cleaning between you and your family. The colours of the rug can be either muted and pastel, or bright and vibrant. The size of the shaggy rug can range from 3 ft to an 8 ft. If you are considering a large shaggy rug, it is recommended to check for its weight.

Before purchasing a shaggy rug, consider its colour, texture, size, and the amount it will be walked on.

If your shaggy rug is only lightly walked on then you are able to vacuum it as often as is needed. When the rug can be walked on a lot, then you may have to vacuum it more often.

Few Key Points You Have to Know

Like any other types of the carpets, special care has to be taken while cleaning this type of type carpet as they tend to shed lots of hair and ball up easily. Cleaning should be done at least twice or thrice in a year to get back the original look.

The rug should not be washed in a front loading washing machine as it may lead to shrinkage of the rug. Hand washing is the most desirable way of cleaning it. While cleaning it manually, owners should not rub the carpet for a long duration as it may lead to loss of the color.

While cleaning the carpet, the owner should use a brush with a heavy pile. This will help the carpet to keep its hair loss minimum.

The carpet should be cleaned by washing it in warm water and using a mild cleaning agent. If they are used in dry form, they may lead to stains on the area which makes the carpet look ugly.

Before cleaning the carpet, the owners should remove all the items present on it to prevent any damage.

To remove the dust, the owner should use a vacuum cleaner.

After the rug is cleaned, owners should clean the rug immediately as any dust or dirt on the carpet may lead to the re-growth of the hair.

If the shampoo is not used properly, the hair on the carpet may clump together thereby making it look ugly.

How to Clean a Shag Rug?

At first glance, a shag rug can seem pretty difficult to clean, since the strands are clumped together. However, the rug is in fact quite easy to clean, and you can even do it yourself.

To ensure your rug is always in pristine condition, we’ve created a step by step guide to help you through the process. In this post, we’ll show you a simple and effective cleaning strategy that takes your shag rug from dirty to fresh, in just 3 easy steps.

Rolling the Rug Reversely

Polyester shaggy rugs are usually a thing of the past in the household and are given away by owners to non-profit organizations. It's really shameful when you are unable to clean your own shaggy rug, isn't it? Fear not, this article will give you the best tips to clean your polyester shaggy rugs.

The first thing that you want to do is roll the rug backwards. This has to be done for one reason. The pile of the rug contains heavy leave that you will collect in the process of cleaning the rug.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner really comes in handy when it comes to cleaning these kinds of rugs. The suction power usually capable of collecting any thing that sticks to the rug. However, be sure that you do not vacuum it with a suction level that's too high. Shaggy rugs usually have a low pile thickness. Getting vacuumed by the machine can cause the pile to collapse. If you think that the trouble removing the dirt from the rug that way is too much trouble, we would recommend you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Having your shaggy rugs professionally cleaned is never so easy, especially if it's still in a good condition.

How to Vacuum a Shaggy Rug?

Shaggy rugs are a beautiful addition to your home that add instant appeal to any bedroom, living room or outdoor patio. To keep these soft, fluffy and adorable rugs clean and shaggy-looking you have to dust them on a daily basis with a soft brush, vacuum them once or twice a week and also combine the regular sweeping process with the vacuuming process.

While special shaggy rugs need thorough care, you can clean regular polyester carpet quite easily.

In most cases, you don’t need to buy special shaggy carpet detergent. To clean any shaggy area rug properly, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Empty the dust container in the vacuum and empty the canister too.

Step 2 – After you park the vacuum, unplug it.

Step 3 – Bring the vacuum to the shaggy area rug. Then, set it on the highest floor adjuster so that the beater bar is no more than 1” off the floor.

Step 4 – Start vacuuming the shaggy area rug by moving the vacuum slowly all over the rug, in both directions, until you notice the dust container is almost full.

Some Other Effective Techniques

The above approaches have been massively proven to be the most effective tactics in dealing with stubborn stains. However, if you are in search of a more elaborate solution for restoring the look of your shaggy rug, you can also try out the following techniques:

Ensure the rug is fully dry after vacuuming. Readjust the lighting of your living area and take an up-close look at the affected area.

Place a clean, dry towel over the rug and use a soupspoon and a pair of rubber gloves to get a closer look at the stain and to help blot out the stain. You might find that the overflow might have spread a bit wider than what you expected and the stain might be more prominent.

Place a clean, dry towel over the affected area and get down on your knees and eye level with the towel to figure out the best blotting technique, which could be the best way to get rid of the stain.

Finally, blot the stain using a clean dry towel or napkin.

At First, Have a Try by Hand

Separate the rug from all hard surfaces and, step by step, you’re ready to clean the shaggy rug.

First, try to spot clean any stains with a solution of cold water and a mild detergent. Place a cloth or sponge soiled with detergent and water on the stain.

Use a clean fabric to wipe in a rubbing motion until the water and detergent solution have disappeared from the fabric. Repeat the procedure until you’re certain that the stain has gone.

Vacuum the rug to remove any remaining detergent and dirt.

It’s time to grab some water, vinegar and detergent for a deeper clean.

Use Spot Carpet Cleaner

Spot carpet cleaner is the most effective cleaner that can help you in cleaning the carpets without damaging them. They can be used when the spill is suffered only in some areas of the carpet. Just take a look to the manual of the cleaner for its usage and cleaning process. In most of the cases, they are featured with the way to use it on the instructions for the best result.

Spots and spills are one of the most common problems that are commonly come across with carpets. But no need to panic, you can easily remove them by following some easy steps. Firstly, don’t try to rub or scrub the spill with your hands or a brush. Because it will only spread the stain. Instead, blot it with a clean cloth or paper towel to soak up the stain. Let the stain to get dried and then rinse it with a mild soap solution. Alternatively, you can also make a simple cleaning formula to remove the carpet stain. Take a mixing bowl and add three parts of a mild, pH balanced dish detergent to one part of warm water. Mix it properly and then pour it over the stain. Let the cleaner to stay for around a half an hour. And then blot it up again with a clean cloth to get the carpet cleaned.

These are some simple steps that can help you in cleaning the carpets without damaging them.

Shampooing the Rug by Professional Cleaner

First of all, you can’t wash any synthetic rug in a washing machine. So the best way to clean a shaggy rug is to take it to a professional cleaner. If the rug is too big for you to take to a dry cleaner, you can have the shaggy rug steam cleaned. The best shaggy rug cleaners could completely restore your rug and bring back its proper look. You can also have your rug cleaned, if it’s too dirty to spot clean. A shaggy rug steam cleaner can revive both small and large rugs. And in the way, they eliminate odors, bacteria, dander, and pollutants from the fibers. Give the rug a complete restore and refresh for the best cleaning results.

Things to Keep in Mind

While washing synthetic rugs.

Remember that it is synthetic and NOT Wool. Never use hot water for washing your synthetic rug, as it will damage your rug in the long run. Always use lukewarm water for better cleaning results.

Remember to use a good quality rug shampoo. It will help retain the colour and shine of your rug. If your rug starts attracting dirt easily, it means you need to vacuum it more frequently and then use a good quality rug shampoo.

Synthetic rugs are a part of your décor. They can be very expensive and are not a very easy thing to replace. These are few things you must keep in mind while cleaning a statue rug.

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