How to Clean a Wool Rug Urine [Dog & Cat Stain Removing Process]

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A Wool Rug and a Pet

Stain under the same roof.

A wool rug and a dog … or a cat … are like a match and gasoline, they don’t go together.

I know, it’s probably not a fair analogy, but there is a reason why wool is the most expensive type of fiber.

The reason is wool is not like other fibers. It does not pass the liquid as long as it can. It takes the liquid “trapping” in the wool fibers and after a period of time, the liquid naturally “flows out” of the fiber.

It is exactly the same rule applies to the pet urine stain. This is how and why you will be able to remove pet urine out of the carpet and therefore, out of the wool rug.

How to Clean a Wool Rug Urine

Stains on wool rugs are challenging to remove. Some of the options are very damaging to wool rugs. Also, the results are not always permanent. This is where carpet cleaning machines and big chemical guns are not viable solutions. This is where you need to be extra careful.

The question is how to remove urine from wool rugs? Here is the answer.

Wet the stained area and apply a detergent. Rub the detergent into the rug using your hands. Force as much of the detergent into the scotch guard as possible [Scotch guard is a spray used to treat wool rugs, making them easier to clean in the future]. Use a clean white towel to absorb most of the detergent solution off the rug. If you want to continue treating the rug, this will be your first rinse. If you do not want to rinse the rug, leave the detergent in the rug and do not rinse. Now that you have most of the detergent out of the rug go ahead and get it dry. Remove the excess water with a clean white towel or put the rug in front of a fan. Going forward you will want to get the rug completely clean.

Apply Baking Soda Immediately After Founding the Poop or Urine

If you don't act quickly, it will already be too late and the process of cleaning a wool rug will be more difficult.

The longer you leave the urine or poop to be absorbed, the harder it will be to clean your rug. You should apply baking soda immediately, which will help absorb the urine and prevent it from losing its efficacy if time passes.

By Using Vinegar / Detergent Mixed Water

The process of cleaning urine out of a wool rug will differ depending on the type of rug you have. In this guide, we will provide a simple process for cleaning a wool rug that has been peed on by a cat or dog.

Note: The cleaner you get the rug asap after the accident occurs, the better your results will be.

1st Step – Blotting Up

The first thing you need to do when you find your carpet or rug has been stained by a pet is to blot up the liquid as quickly as possible. This will help prevent it from soaking into and saturating your carpet.

2nd Step – Vacuum Cleaner

You'll also want to use the vacuum cleaner immediately to help extract excess urine from the carpet. You can use old towels underneath your vacuum collection tray to catch the urine.

Important: Be sure to follow their instructions for use as it will vary by manufacturer.

3rd Step – Cleaning Paws with White Vinegar & Detergent

After you've handled the surface urine infection, you'll need to go ahead and clean the area with a good enzymatic pet odor remover. We like to use "Nature's Miracle" because it breaks down pet urine and odor.

Professional Cleaning Tools

When it comes to your Wool Rug Urine, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Here I will list you the professional cleaning products I have already recommended from this post, so if you need help these are the tools you should rely on. The below-mentioned products have been proved to be the most useful in removing deep-rooted urine odor and removing bad-smelling stains.

Stain Solver

It is a stain eliminating device. It is very effective in removing pee stains and harmful bacteria. It uses UV light to zap urine stains and it is also available in portable size so you can clean your rugs anywhere and anytime.

Oxy Power Pet Stain Remover

It is a great pet stain remover as it makes use of oxygen and also has a unique design.

Soak the affected area with pet stain remover first and then rinse. In a couple of hours you could see the stains vanish.

Par Canine Pet Stain Remover

This pet stain remover is not like an ordinary carpet cleaner machine that sprays pet stain remover on your rug.

It’s more like a magic wand. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and they are ready to be used again.

OdorKlenz Pet Odor Eliminator

Final Word

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Is webmaster of ***, a professional wool rug urine cleaning company in colorado US. Here are some tips for wool rug cleaning for dog and cat urine. Zonathon explains the process of cleaning a wool rug with pet urine. — Wool rugs are the same as silk rugs, it is made of sheep's wool. But unlike silk rugs, wool rugs are more durable. They are appropriate for all seasons and affordable to many people. Wearing wool rugs can add a luxurious touch to your decor. — Dogs and cats, not only love to eat on wool rugs, they also like to pee on it. If a wool rug is not cleaned properly, it may remain a breeding ground for bacteria. They will cause the wool to smell bad. And this may swell and foul the wool. The food that is eaten by dogs and cats, is also hard to digest. If this substance get into wool rugs, they will stain rugs and hard to get rid of stains. — It takes years to get a wool rug dirty. Please do not wash your wool rug in a washing machine or take it outdoors to wash it. It will be very easy to damage wool rugs in the washing machine. Instead, you can bring it to a professional wool rug cleaning company. Here are some tips for wool rug cleaning for dog and cat urine.