How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer?

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The Tools That You Need

Pool vacuum is one of the most important pool cleaning tools for those who wish to make a more time-friendly, easier, and fuss-free pool cleaning. Vacuum cleaners have been proven to be one of the top automated pool-cleaning tools that can clean the entire pool for you. You can consider it an ideal pool cleaner that is on the market now.

No matter how big your pool is, you can choose the right-sized vacuum cleaner that can meet your needs. Some vacuum cleaners are designed to clean the sand filters, while other are made to work with non-sand and DE filter systems. While the vacuum cleaners are meant to maintain the good condition of your swimming pool, the pool filter is made for keeping its water clean and clear at all time.

When you have a pool vacuum cleaner on hand, you can keep the water of your swimming pool as clean as possible. In this case, your pool water will be so clean that your kids will never get sick because of it.

Besides, by using the pool cleaner, you can save your time and effort for other important things. The pool vacuum cleaner can help you remove all the dirt and debris from your swimming pool so that you will only need to spend less time. Then, you can spend the rest of the time in taking care of your kids or simply enjoy your swimming pool when you have some free time.

Vacuum head:

Brushes are the most important part of the vacuum head in the swimming pool. It must be of high-quality and powerful enough to get rid of all dirt which is sticking on the bottom of the pool.

The brushes of vacuum head must be made of metal wire because this type of material is best for filtration of dirt out of the water. If the pool is really dusty, you need to use the vacuum head with triple brushes with metal wire as it will be better in filtration.

If you have checked the suction side of the vacuum head and it is perfect, this means the hoses are linked up correctly or the vacuum head has some defect which you must check.

As you use the vacuum head to clean and filter the water in the pool, there will be some filtration of dirt and debris through the vacuum head and into the pump. So change the water filter cartridge of the pump as this could be blocked with the debris and dirt that has been sucked into the pump.

This will help you to get a clear and clean water in the swimming pool.

The hoses which are used for the vacuum head must have clamps that seem to be fine. If you have found it faulty, you can use duct tape to secure them in its place.

Telescopic Pole:

This pool vac telescopic pole allows you to use a single pole for many pool tasks. The telescopic pole extends to 6 feet in length and retracts to 33 inches. It makes vacuuming or reaching the bottom of your pool or spa a breeze. The pole even features a built-in screw and reel, which prevents tangling and allows effortless storage. The pole extends quickly and easily.

Vacuum Hose:

The first step is to gather all the stuff that you need. The vacuum end of your pump hose is really misleading. Just grab your end and make sure that it is a SMALL sized end. Larger vacuum adapters will not work. If it is bigger, you will need to purchase a smaller one.

Vacuum Plate:

Vacuum plate is the main component of an automatic vacuum system. It consists of a metal ring that is mounted around the base of the swimming pool, with several slots through which the vacuum hose can enter.

The vacuum hose is attached to the plate via a long vacuum hose.

The plate also holds holes for supporting the skimmer if it is used.

It is important to put the vacuum plate as high as possible in the swimming pool as the higher the plate is, the less water volume is lost from the pool during the vacuuming process.

Let's Know, How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

Pool vacuum cleaners are portable devices that are used to clean pools and spas. In order to get a clean pool, vacuum cleaners are specially designed to remove hair and dirt from the water and the floor of the pool. However, not just any vacuum cleaner can vacuum the inside of the pool. You will need a specialized vacuum cleaner for this task.

For most people, vacuum cleaners stick to vacuuming the floor of their homes. If you want to beautify your pool and keep it clean, then you may need to invest in a pool vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for the purpose of cleaning the floor and the walls of a swimming pool.

Pool cleaner consists of a hose, an electric cleaning head, a filter, and a power cord. The power cord is attached to the wall of the pool and the hose is connected to the cleaning head. In most cases, the pool cleaner is connected to a vacuum pump that sucks the water from the pool into the cleaning head. The debris is then filtered out using a mesh filter. The water is then pushed back into the pool.

Vacuuming Your Pool Manually

This is a difficult task for the average homeowner, and there are very few pool owners that choose to do it this way. If you like doing things yourself and saving a few bucks, then read on.

An ordinary shop vacuum with a long nozzle will do the job, but the process is not pretty.

You will have to suck up all the debris into the vacuum and dispose of it in an appropriate place.

When you have completed the pool, you can use the vacuum to clean the skimmer basket.

A better method would be to use a long-handled pool skimmer.

This clean-out tool can vacuum the debris that collects in the skimmer without having to drain the water from the pool.

The device has a long hollow pipe that goes deep into the pool so that you can vacuum the water without having to get your hands wet.

You can also use the Skimz pool cleaner, which does a right job by sucking the dirt off the bottom of the pool.

Simply move the device around the bottom of the pool, and it will suck up the dirt and debris and collect it into a built-in strainer that can hold up to three gallons of debris.

Pour the debris down the drain, while the water is still in the pool, and everything is ready for you to vacuum the rest of the water that is on top of the pool.

Prime Your Vacuum

Make sure your vacuum is "primed" by stirring its contents up a little, prior to vacuuming. Make sure the tub is clean and clear of debris (logs, hair, leaves, etc.) before you vacuum. After you precondition your vacuum cleaner, properly start your vacuum by pressing the ON/OFF button, starting with the pickup head ON. In order to vacuum an Intex pools (or other type of pool) without skimmer, you need to connect your vacuum head to your vacuum line. However, you must attach a filter to the end of your vacuum line, prior to attaching it to your vacuum head.

Cleaning Your Pool Without a Vacuum

Clogging is a problem you may encounter when using a skimmer rather than a vacuum. You do not always have the option of cleaning the pool without a skimmer so you must learn how to prevent clogs. Cleaning the pool without a vacuum or skimmer is not only for a few times, and you can opt to use either one depending on your preference. In the following steps, you will learn how to clean your inflatable pool without a vacuum or a skimmer.

Empty the Pool

In the first place, you will need to empty the pool. Simply drain all the water using a hose; you can also use a net to drain the water out. A pool cleaner can assist you in emptying the pool. Make sure that the pool floor is also dried before you get started with the following steps.

Invest in a Pool Brush

You will now have to invest in a pool brush. This is a small pool vacuum that can be used to scrub the sides and bottom of the pool.

You can also buy a small mechanical pool cleaner. Most of the time, it is easy to clean the pool when using a pool cleaner. You just have to plug it in the wall. However, you will need to clean the pool floor manually.

Clean the Pool Yourself


There’s no good or fast way to vacuum an Intex pool. Any method is going to require a lot of elbow grease and a lot of time spent on your hands and knees scrubbing away at the surface. If you must vacuum your Intex pool without the benefit of a skimmer, we recommend you go with the jet wash method.

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