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pH On-The-Go Portable Water Filter System - Alkaline Water Filter Pouch for Bottles, Jugs, Pitchers - High pH Ionized, Pure Drinking Water - 98 litres / 26 Gallons - 3 Pack

7 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

How to easily turn your tap water alkaline to benefit your overall health, energy, and vitality! Buy the best water pitchers of 2019.

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We help you understand how does a carpet cleaner work and which products are the best cleaners for your specific needs. Find out how a carpet cleaner makes your carpets dry, clean and smelling amazing!

How to Remove Fluoride from Water Cheaply

A step-by-step guide to removing fluoride from tap water. Removing fluoride from water can be accomplished in a very simple and easy manner, for a fraction of the cost of bottled water (and free of sodium).

How to Clean Brita Pitcher?

How to clean Brita water pitchers? Is it possible to clean the in-line faucet filter? What’s the best way to clean Brita filters? We answer every question that you might have about cleaning Brita water pitchers.